China pushes Internet past 200 million websites

Chicago (IL) – Netcraft’s most recent web server has discovered a huge jump in the number of websites. February added more than 16% (or 30 million) new websites to the bottom line. China is the main reason. The blogging service Qzone added more than 20 million websites alone and has become the largest blog site provider worldwide, easily surpassing Google’s Blogger and Microsoft’s Windows Live Spaces.

According to Netcraft, the Internet now has 215,675,903 sites. The strong, unusual increase is due to the inclusion of the Chinese domain, which brought 20,021,760 new sites to the table. However, traditional services also saw a substantial increase in number of web sites.

At the beginning of this month, there were 7.8 million more Apache-based websites than in the prior month. This makes Apache the first web server to run more than 100 million websites (104,796,820) globally. However, because of the addition of, Apache’s market share fell slightly below 50% to 48.59%.

Microsoft IIS (including Windows Live Spaces) added about 1.9 million new sites in February, and now stands at 62,935,449 sites (29.18% share), followed by with 20,021,763 sites (9.28%). Google (including Blogger) lost 1.8 million sites and is down to 8,157,546 URLs (3.78%).