British men more interested in video games than women

London, England – Who said romance was dead? Well, the British if a new poll is to be believed. Once red-blooded males soon cool down and spend more time with their games consoles than their girlfriends or wives.

More than a fifth admitted spending an average of 60 hours a month playing video games while a mere four per cent spent the same time wining and dining their partners, says a poll for website

But while they may take little notice of women at home, it all changes when they visit the supermarket where they can’t take their eyes off female shoppers. And researchers reckon the average male between 18 and 50 spends 43 minutes a day eyeing up women, amounting to a whole year of their lives.

Women spend less time copping an eyeful of men, but still manage a respectable 20 minutes a day. Apart from supermarkets, favourite locations for ogling include pubs, nightclubs and the office. While women said a man’s eyes were the main attraction, men were perhaps more honest in saying it was girls’ figures which caught their attention.

Apparently, 19 percent of men enjoy the compliment compared with just nine percent of women. I’ll be in Tescos, Porthmadog at around half past five this evening, ladies.