Kids sexting because they can

Pew Research has a new study out about Teens and Sexting. Pew’s focus groups revealed that teens were either romantically involved and sexting; sharing sexting messages with people outside of the relationship; sexting in hopes of having a relationship. The little bastards are horny and stupid, which is the clinical definition of being a teenager.

Of course, before you get your pitchforks out and head for the nearest cell phone showroom, there’s a lot more to this story than the mere fact that nekkid is the new wink, and sending nekkid photos of oneself is a bona fide act of flirtation.

First of all, sexting teenagers may be committing themselves to prosecution under child porn rules, and furthermore, they are all going to grow up at some point, and if they start sending nekkid pictures of themselves when they are 30, 40, or, shudder, beyond 50 then we all have to fear for the existence of civilization.

According to Pew:

  • Four percent of cell-owning teens ages 12-17 say they have sent sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images of themselves to someone else via text messaging
  • 15 percent of cell-owning teens ages 12-17 say they have received sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images of someone they know via text messaging on their cell phone.
  • Older teens are much more likely to send and receive these images; eight percent of 17-year-olds with cell phones have sent a sexually provocative image by text and 30 percent have received a nude or nearly nude image on their phone.
  • The teens who pay their own phone bills are more likely to send “sexts”: 17 percent of teens who pay for all of the costs associated with their cell phones send sexually suggestive images via text; just three percent of teens who do not pay for, or only pay for a portion of the cost of the cell phone send these images.

So, the little bastards have pretty much figured out that the most rebellious activity at hand is the weilding of a cell phone.

They can sext, and they can sext and drive at the same time, and then, they can share all of this in a manner that guarantees that at some point in the future, as they get ready for that slot of the Supreme Court, someone will pull up an old picture of them at 16, pulling up their shirt, or dropping their pants.

They will crash our cars, ruin our legislative bodies, and crap on nekkidness for the rest of us.

Little bastards!