15% U.S. households utilizing a cellphone only, study finds

Chicago (IL) – A new study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and sponsored by the center’s National Center for Health Statistics, indicates that almost 15 percent of U.S. households have abandoned their home phone service in favor of wireless service only — leaving people with no landlines as backup, according to Reuters.

The study estimates that around 14.7 percent of American households communicate only via their cell phone. Oklahoma has the highest percentage [where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain… -Editor] of households in which only cell service is utilized, 26.2 percent of households were reported to be using cellphones rather than landlines in 2007.

Oklahoma was followed by Utah at 25.5 percent, Nebraska at 23.2 percent, Arkansas 22.6 percent and Idaho at 22.1 percent of individuals who only utilize a cellular phone.

The highest percentage of cellphone only adults was Washington, D.C., with 25.4 percent, followed by Oklahoma with 25.1 percent. The state with the lowest population of adults who only utilize a cellphone was Delaware which had a mere 4 percent, preferring instead to feed Ma Bell the old fashioned way 25:1.

The study’s findings are significant to the CDC due to the fact that the majority of its big surveys are conducted by phone, and typically reach out only to landline phone numbers, and any adults relying only on their cellphone are not being included in CDC surveys.

See the original report (PDF).