New Steve Jobs Bio Promises New Revelations

We lost Steve Jobs in 2011 and right now interest in the tech giant’s life is reaching a critical mass. There’s the biopic with Michael Fassbinder starring that will be released on October 9, a documentary that’s been picked up for distribution by Magnolia that’s already gained a lot of controversy, and there’s also a new book that was just released today.

A number of people who’ve worked with Jobs have commended the latest biography, Becoming Steve Jobs, as the real deal, the Jobs they really knew. As a report tells us in the Daily Beast, the book, written by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli, notes that “the cliché that Steve Jobs was half-genius, half asshole is based largely on his actions that constituted his first tenure at Apple.”

This is apparently only part of the story, and quite a few misconceptions they’ll try to clear up. Tim Cook apparently didn’t like the Walter Isaacson biography, which Jobs fully cooperated with, telling the authors of Becoming Steve Jobs that the previous book painted him as “a greedy, selfish egomaniac.” (Apparently the new documentary on Jobs, Man in the Machine, paints a similar portrait.)

So will this book reveal that Jobs was a wonderful man, and that it was like a trip to Disneyland to work with him? Doubtful, but Jobs was nothing if not complicated, and we’re curious to see what other sides of his life Becoming Steve Jobs will show to the world.