Wanna Buy a Walking Dead City on Ebay?

Now this is the kind of story you certainly don’t read every day…how can a zombie town be for sale on Ebay? There are no such things as zombies, we all know this, but apparently the town of Grantville, GA, where the Walking Dead have lurked, can be all yours if you make the right bid. (Bidding starts at $680,000.)

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, Jim Sells, the former mayor of Grantville, is selling the town, telling Buzzfeed, “I’d like to see it active and thriving, and to be a positive part of the community.”

Grantville is about 40 miles away from Atlanta, and a lot of Walking Dead fans have been coming down to check out the area. If you want to buy Grantville, it’s 34,000 square feet, and you get nine buildings with it as well.

We can’t imagine anyone being so fanatical about the show that they would want to buy the land, but it could make a good investment opportunity for the right real estate buyer, and it’s funny to think that zombies could actually raise property value instead of lower it.