Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfy January 1

Every year, usually on Thanksgiving, KTLA Channel 5, an independent L.A. station, ran The Twilight Zone marathon, and along with great food it was often the highlight of my turkey day. Now the Twilight Zone marathon is back, this time on Syfy, and it will air on January 1.

While we all probably have our personal favorite episodes, Esquire just ran a list of what they feel are the most shocking episodes, and they include the classics To Serve Man, Time Enough At Last (one of the most heartbreaking twist endings ever), A Stop at Willoughby, and Eye of the Beholder, which has one of the best zappers in the show’s history that makes a great statement about how we perceive beauty.

In fact, many Twilight Zone episodes still hold up because the problems Rod Serling attacked are still problems today. I’m sure he hoped by now a lot of society’s ills would be corrected, and thankfully his work still resonates strongly to point out those wrongs.

Serling has indeed left an amazing legacy of work behind him. When he was alive, he feared his writing was adequate for the time, but he thankfully still lives on. While so many people love to binge watch shows, fans of the Zone have been doing that for years before, because the best episodes are so compulsively watchable. Tune in to Syfy on January 1 to see for yourself.