TracFone sues "Intel Wireless" for reselling phones

A case started in a Florida district court alleging a number of individuals illegally resold TracFone wireless phones and services.

Tracfone sued defendants Idel Ravelo, Intel Wireless Corp, Lee E Scarborough, Wireless Track Inc, Arshad Ahmad, Hassan Soueidan and Farooq Hussain.

It’s alleged that these individuals and companies conducted an unlawful business enterprise that “willfully infringes on TracFone’s incontestable federal trademarks, copyrights and rights relating to TracFone’s prepaid wireless service, marketed and sold under the TracFone, Net10, Safelink and Straight Talk brands, and the wireless telephones specially manufactured for TracFone to be used with its wireless service.”

TracFone alleges the defendants engaged in unlawful practices involving the unauthorized and unlawful bulk purchase and resale of TracFone phones, unauthorized and unlawful computer unlocking or reflashing of TracFone phones, alteration of its copyrighted proprietary software, trafficking of the phones for profit and other Federal violations.

The filing says that defendant Intel Wireless is a Florida corporation that transacts a substantial amount of business in Flordia, and is owned and operated by defendant Ravelo.

We contacted the Intel Corporation and it confirmed Intel Wireless is nothing to do with the Intel Corporation, based in Santa Clara.

TracFone says in its filing: “Defendants Intel Wireless and Ravelo engaged in substantial and continuous business in Florida…Intel Wireless Corp and Ravelo’s activities include at least twenty two transactions involving the sale of at least 14,864 of TracFone Prepaid phones for approximately $407,324 in connection with the Bulk Resale Scheme with Miranda Holdings Corp.”