Toys R Us might be next to get iPad 2

From day one, the iPad 2 has been available in more retail locations than the iPad ever was.

Now, it looks like that retail presence will expand even more, as a leaked photo has revealed that Toys R Us employees are currently undergoing iPad 2 training.

The photo, published by, asks trainees how large the iPad 2 screen is. In the bottom-right corner, there’s the backwards “R” logo from Toys R Us.

Currently, the iPad 2 is available at Apple Store, Best Buy, Target, Radio Shack, and Walmart locations throughout the country. But now, Apple can make waves in the “Mommy! I want it, I want it, I want it” demographic as well.

Apple hasn’t confirmed an expansion into Toys R Us, and other than the photo, there is no leaked information as to when the toy store might actually start stocking the device.

Apple has already had difficulty keeping the iPad 2 stocked at its own Apple Store locations as well as other retailers, perhaps because the supply is spread so thinly among all the different stores.

But in the long run, this will probably be a good move for Apple. After all, the more exposure you get, the better, right?