Toshiba’s glasses-free 3D is real, coming to US

After having already launched revolutionary “glasses-free 3D” TVs in Japan, Toshiba is ready to bring the technology to the US in a 40-inch model that could bring the 3D race to a screeching halt.

Almost every other TV manufacturer is working on 3D products, but they all require special 3D glasses. Most of them use active shutter technology, which requires the glasses to be battery operated, driving up the cost to $150-$200 per pair.

That’s been one of the biggest stumbling blocks for manufacturers, as consumers find 3D glasses to be cumbersome, awkward, and totally un-cool.

Enter Toshiba.

Toshiba last year introduced a TV that lets viewers experience a picture with depth but doesn’t require glasses. The technology is built into the TV set itself, using thousands of tiny mirrors to make it appear as though the flat screen has depth.

It has already launched sample TVs in Japan, with 12 and 20 inch screens. But it said at the time that other markets, like the US, require larger screens to be relevant.

And that time has come. Toshiba will be launching a 40-inch glasses-free 3D TV in April, although pricing has not been announced. It could be an extremely expensive TV.

The company is also expected to display 56-inch and 65-inch versions of the TVs at CES. [[Toshiba]]