Toshiba rolls out uber-thin Android tablet

Toshiba has rolled out an uber-thin Android tablet at IFA 2011 that measures only 25.7cm (10.1″) and weighs in at 558g.

The AT200 boasts some pretty tricked-out specs, including Honeycomb (Android 3.2), a 1.2GHz TI OMAP 4430 CPU, 5MP and 2MP cameras (front & back) and up to 64GB of on-board storage.

The tablet also features micro-USB, micro-SD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro-HDMi which facilitates the streaming of HD content to a TV.

In addition, the AT200 offers 8 hours of video playback and supports video conferencing along with augmented reality applications.

According to Engadget’s Brian Heater, the tablet is indeed quite thin and well-built, unlike a number of other Android devices.

“Those who love the Galaxy Tab, but aren’t huge fans of Samsung’s habit of skinning everything with its TouchWiz UI will also find a lot to like in this device, which stays truer to the standard base Android operating system,” Heater explained.

“Toshiba’s got a rather nice device on its hands, a world away from the super chunky Thrive. It may well prove a threat to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, as long as it manages to get the pricing right. No word on release date either yet, but it will likely ship before 2011 is out.”