Top Reasons to save Your Company Data on the cloud

There are many reasons why we backup data. On top of those reasons is safeguarding the information for use in the future. Old and unused company data can prove to be a vital piece of information, later on, therefore when saving you crucial information, it is critical to ensure that the location is safe and readily accessible to you.

Most backup utility tools allow users to save their files in preferred locations within the computer hard disk. While this gives you quick access to the records, it indeed is not the best place that guarantees enough security.

There are significant challenges when you decide to save your organization’s data within your computer storage media. Here are some scenarios that prove your archives are not safe on your computer;

1. System Hacks

Hacking is real especially if you are harboring some vital information that could benefit someone else. Even if you archive your emails, contacts, attachments, and schedules then delete them from the mail server. Your data can still be compromised when someone gets access to your computer.

2. System crash

Computer systems do crash at one point or another. When this happens, it is easy to lose data and personal settings in the system. What are the chances that a piece of the data lost is your client contact list? When your whole system comes crashing down, the integrity and credibility of your archive folder will come into question. In some cases, you can fail to gain access to your data.

3. Power failure

Since computers run on power, it can be quite frustrating and honestly a bit embossing when you fail to gain access to vital information in your archives because of a power outage.

So how do you overcome these challenges?

The best way to ensure you are entirely safe and can readily access your data is by making the archive portable or remotely accessible. This means saving your files away from your computer and either into a mountable storage device or an independent internet server.

Saving company information on a USB or external hard drive is a viable option, but when you consider how prone these devices are to malware and data corruption, maybe it is not such a great idea. The best method and what top IT support Utah specialists recommended is saving your data in on the cloud.

What is an FTP server?

A File Transfer Protocol otherwise known as FTP is an internet file sharing technique that works either between a computer and internet client or a backup server and a computer.

In this case, since we are looking to eliminate the dependability of a computer source, you can upload your data on an online FTP server and access it from anywhere, on any computer by just entering the username and password.

This method is by far the best option especially if you are used to traveling the world. With an internet connection, you can access your archives from anywhere on any device and since this is an anonymous/independent server you are safe from hackers, virus attacks or data loss due to a system crash.

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