Top Notch Reasons to Invest in the Newest MacBook Pro This Year

It is no secret that investing in a MacBook Pro is expensive, especially if you want the best features possible. That’s why buying in a new one is not often on your list of priorities, despite it being a new year.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons not to buy a new MacBook this year:

  • There Will Be No Upgrade. Numerous sources report that in 2018 users of MacBook Pros should not expect any design upgrades. Since the last upgrade occurred a mere two years ago, Apple is dedicated to making fixes, but not completely overhauling the design that is seemingly working.
  • You Are a Creative Professional Needing More RAM. Along the same lines that MacBook Pros will see zero upgrades this year, know that as of right now, you can only configure the 2017 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM. If you need more, wait until the new design release.
  • You Need More Ports. If you are looking for an SD card slot or HDMI port, look at older MacBook Pros. That is, unless you want to buy USB C adapters to accommodate your MacBook accessories.

Lastly, price will always be an issue when it comes to investing in a new MacBook Pro. New models are famously expensive and shelling out that kind of cash is never fun.

That said, you can always look into reliable services such as the ones Gadget Salvation provides computer users and sell your MacBook Pro for cash. That cash can then be used to buy the new MacBook Pro.

And as if that’s not enough incentive, here are more reasons why you should invest in the new MacBook Pro this year:

1. Smaller, Sleeker Design

If you don’t have the new model MacBook Pro, you may want to get it because of its smaller design. With each new model release, Apple shaves about a half a pound of weight off, shrinks the size making it more compact and easy to carry, and even thins them down without sacrificing battery life (which is nearly 10 hours).

Plus, newer model MacBook Pros have a Touch Bar installed above the display so you can control applications and system functions with a simple touch of the bar and a trackpad that is twice the size as the old one.

2. Better Performance

Improved processors and graphics support come with each MacBook Pro upgrade. And, the newest version is no different.

Including dual-core and quad-core Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processor options, you can expect the newest models to perform blazing fast. This is great for those who need highly functioning laptops to accommodate their gaming, streaming, or work needs.

3. Touch ID

New MacBook Pros include Touch ID on the screen that can be used as a power button or a way to authenticate an Apple Pay transaction. And, since consumers are falling in love with Apple Pay, and retail shops are accepting this form of payment more than ever, this may be one great reason to make the jump to a newer model.

What’s great about this secure feature, is that multiple users can access their Touch ID from one MacBook Pro device. All you have to do is touch with your fingerprint and the system will recognize a different user.

4. More on the Touch Bar

Though briefly mentioned above, it is worth emphasizing that MacBook Pros now offer a Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools you want.

In what is perhaps one of the most popular features of the newest MacBook Pro models, the Touch Bar lets you access favorite website when on Safari and control settings and actions when in specific applications.

4. Max Pixel Display

Unlike the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro comes with Retina display for the crispest, cleanest looking display possible.

In addition, the display in the MacBook Pro is at its brightest thanks to LED backlighting, a high contrast ratio (highlighting deep blacks and bright whites), and sRGB for showcasing vibrant greens and reds.

In the end, we all know that buying a new MacBook Pro can be an expensive endeavor. However, there are times when investing in the newest thing can actually be more worthwhile in the long run.