Tom Tom releases iPhone application

GPS firm Tom Tom said it has released a $100 application for the iPhone 3G and 3GS so you can find your way round the malls of the USA and the wild wastes of Canada.

The navigation software has a number of features including voice instructions, automatic re-routing, and a large number of points of interest.

The firm claims that its own “IQ Routes” tech will let drivers reach their destination up to 35 percent faster. That doesn’t mean that it provides a turbo boost to your car, but instead calculates routes based on the experience of millions of Tom Tom drivers.

The display includes landscape and portrait navigation views, night and day color mode, multitouch gestures to operate the application, and navigation to contacts in your address book.

The firm said that it is creating software compatible with the iPod and other iPhone models soon.  The software needs OS3.0 and iTunes to be installed on your PC or your Mac.