TigerText app: "This text will self-destruct"

There is a new product in the Apple App Store today that will solve the problem that secret agents and bitter lovers alike share. TigerText claims it is the first app that allows users to delete text messages from the recipient’s handset.

It works like this: open up the TigerText app and set a “time limit” before sending a text. After the specified amount of time has elapsed, the message will automatically be deleted from both the sender’s phone and the recipient’s phone. They are gone forever, not even stored on a server somewhere. TigerText says these texts “are not legally discoverable” after being purged.

“TigerText will completely change the way people think about electronic communication,” claimed TigerText founder Jeffrey Evans. “For the first time, you have complete control over what happens to your texts after you hit the send button. It brings safety and peace of mind to anyone who sends messages that are intended to remain private.”

Users can set the time period to anywhere from 1 minute to 30 days. The app also brings more functionality to the sender’s phone, such as being able to delete all texts in a current conversation or deleting a text automatically once the recipient opens it.

Versions of the app for Blackberry and Android devices are in the works and are slated to come out in a few weeks.

TigerText’s pricing is set on a subscription model. Users can send 250 texts through TigerText for $1.49 a month, or go for the unlimited monthly subscription service – that’s $2.49. The app offers a free 15-day or 100-text trial period.