This stereo has 17,000+ Internet radio stations

If you are having a hard time parting with your old dusty bookshelf stereo, perhaps the WiFi Bookshelf Music System will make it slightly easier. 


Well, because it looks just like your old system, but has the added bonus of WiFi connectivity, allowing you to access all your favorite Internet radio stations.


The system, available for $250, give you access to 17,000 Internet radio stations, 20,000 plus on-demand programs and 35,000 podcasts. 

It’s just like connecting to your favorite Internet radio station on your computer except with full surround sound.

“We’ve had many request from our customers that don’t have space for a home stereo, but want a little more sound than a tabletop,” explained Grace Digital Audio’s chief marketing officer, Greg Fadul.

“We are pleased to offer them the new Wi-Fi Bookshelf Music System. The micro-system provides a home stereo experience at a fraction of the size and cost.”


The coolest part about this sound system is that it works with all your favorite Internet radio stations like Pandora, Sirius XM Internet Radio, iheartradio, Rhapsody, etc. as well as offering RCA inputs for your iPod, CD player, computer, or any other music player.


So, yeah, this system look like the dusty one that used to sit on your shelf, only it’s a fraction of the size and plays streaming music from the Internet.

Now, if only someone would bring back the old school and create a WiFi boom box for those who can’t part with their ghetto blasters!