This app uses real Lego bricks

Lego has done a pretty good job of staying relevant in the world of digital toys and content, but now it has answered the question of how to merge that with its popular real-life building blocks.

The creative and unique result is a special Lego set that comes with a proprietary building mat. Users download the corresponding iPhone game, which encourages them to build various models as quickly as possible.

After their creation is complete, users take a picture with the iPhone camera. The app is then able to detect whether or not the structure is complete by analyzing its placement on the special Lego pad.

Users even receive a score based on how accurate their creation is. It is truly a way to make Lego building an interactive and 21st century experience.

There are 12 levels in the iPhone game, and an underlying story that ties into each object that players are asked to create. Among those creations are a guitar, pineapple, crab, and board shorts.

Additionally, you will receive digital versions of your Lego masterpieces, and eventually the company plans to make those digital items shareable via Facebook.

Lego has managed to stay strong in the shift to digital and virtual toys by creating Lego video games, an online Lego community, and licensing the brand to other digital companies. But until now, that segment of Lego has remained completely seperated from the traditional division that deals with the physical building blocks.

The Lego set, complete with iPhone-compatible building pad, will come in a box similar to existing Lego block sets. It’s called “Life of George” and retails for $30.