There is More to VR than Gaming

Virtual Reality has long been confined to the likes of gaming, entertainment and has radically and quickly reshaped the way that we play. But, it would be wrong to ignore the ways virtual reality has transformed our lives. This applies in sectors like: education, research, tourism, entertainment and even government. VR is now looked as a tool to make our everyday lives better, safer and more equalising on a global scale. Here are a few spots where VR is making everything better.

VR Cities

For VR enthusiasts, this might be one of their ultimate fantasies. This might consist of a bustling virtual city where you can live, work and play without having to face the struggles and demands of the real world. Timefire Media is one of the first companies to tackle this challenge with Hypnatia, a virtual city that allows players to read virtual books, use virtual smartphones, engage in virtual outdoor activities and even go to virtual school. Hypnatia plans to incorporate later this year.

VR Social Networking

It wasn’t long before virtual reality social networking took hold. vTime allows you to meet up with friends from around the world in a number of virtual reality locations. You can design your own avatar from head to toe, join friends in chat rooms or have the system pair you up with random people. It also has a selfie taking feature and is now available in Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

VR Libraries

One of the most transformative applications for virtual reality is education and the global propagation of knowledge. Companies like EON Reality have been innovating the space for 15 years, but it wasn’t until the release of affordable Google Carboard headsets that virtual library came to life. EON Experience VR is a personalised learning library that uses gamified AR and VR to engage students in a variety of subjects.

VR Cinemas

The world’s first reality pop up cinema aims to make VR experiences more accessible to the general population. Located in Amsterdam, the theatre provides guests with Samsung VR headsets and custom made 360° turning chairs for only €12.50. The cinema plans to tour Europe with stops at Germany and Switzerland. Expect many more to pop up, with VR arcades on the way as well.

VR Research

The UK government is beginning to use virtual reality to test out scenarios that involve next generation transportation technologies. The Virtualisation Laboratory is a research facility a 20-foot multi directional treadmill is set up for participants to walk, run, crawl and jump around the environments. Researchers can then gather data on how people react to driverless cars at an intersection.

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