The new Palm Pre comes equipped with a wireless charger

Chicago (IL) – Palm is expected to launch its highly anticipated Palm Pre smart phone on June 7. And now we hear from a Best Buy employee that the company will also be the first to offer wireless charging for its product via a wireless charging pad.

Wireless charging is not new, it’s been around electric toothbrushes, electric shavers and there are many other items that charge utilizing magnetic induction. This occurs when an alternating current in a coil within a charging station generates a magnetic field that sends voltage in the coil of the device, thus delivering energy to the battery. The process is still fascinating for users to charge on the go, but it lacks the efficiency of a wired charger.

The new wireless charging pad will only work with the Pre. It will be priced at $69.99. The “Touchstone” charger holds the device in place utilizing magnets. When the phone is on the charger, it will off the ability to answer ringing calls on speakerphone, until the phone is picked up when it will convert and operate normally.