The great Apple / elf conspiracy is thwarted

Ben Kurtz had a problem. His pudgy thumbs made typing on an iPhone a misery. He reckons that the developers of the iPhone actually hate people with broad, round thumbs. 

“I can’t make very efficient use of the virtual keyboard, even in landscape, and they refuse to add real support for Bluetooth or really any external keyboards,” complains Kurtz. “I have a friend with pointy little thumbs who can type like 36 wpm on the thing.  I’ve also noticed that of all the Apple employees I’ve actually met, they all seem to be relatively nimble and elf-like, with pointy little thumbs.”

Kurtz’ elegant solution is to carry around an Arduino, 9 volt battery, iPhone breakout board, a PS/2 keyboard, and of course the iPhone itself. Thanks to Hackaday for pointing us at this one.

Check it out here.