The future of mobile processors coming this year

How cliche would it sound to say the future is here? Regardless of our inability to come up with something more clever to say, Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon processors are anything but stale.

Some of the really heavy-hitting phones you may have seen out of CES are carrying some pretty amazing processors, most notably the technology surrounding Tegra 2. But Qualcomm has the opportunity to blow them all away. Its Snapdragon processor was, for many, the first time a 1 GHz chip was easily available for a mobile phone, and that was just the start.

The new Snapdragon architecture allows for 1.5 GHz of juice, as well as 1080p video encoding and playback, and highly advanced image rendering capabilities.

Qualcomm has been talking about the upgrades for some time now, and it’s rumored that some manufacturers are already playing with them. But now the company is saying devices with the new technology will be ready to ship this year.

One of the biggest advancements everyone expects to see this year is in the field of mobile gaming. Qualcomm says its latest and greatest tech will be able to power mobile games that run and look like games on the Xbox 360 or PS3 – the most powerful consoles on the market today.

That’s quite a statement to make, but even with the current mobile technology, game developers are just now coming out with some pretty amazing stuff. Epic Games has made its Unreal Engine platform available for both iPhone and Android within the last month.

So, expect 2011 to be filled with huge strides in this sector, and expect many of them to be fueled by Qualcomm. This is definitely a story to watch.

(Via Fierce Wireless