The Benefits of Steel Buildings Compared to Other Types

Steel buildings are becoming more common than before as people get used to them and consider their affordability, customization options, and faster construction time.

Let’s look at the benefits of metal buildings compared to other types of building materials.

Limited Risk of Fire Damage

Metal buildings have few, if any, issues with fire damage. Steel doesn’t catch fire, unlike wooden structures. There’s no likelihood that a building will catch fire from friction or another cause. Because of this, these types of structures don’t carry the same risks of fire as other building types.

More Interior Space

Metal buildings tend to have roofing systems that attach to the metal walls and don’t need interior support beams to hold them up. There is a greater amount of interior square footage available with a steel build structure when compared to bricks and mortar or wood.

Less Risk of Storm Damage

Since roof systems are attached to the building, not planted over the top, they do not get blown off the structure during a hurricane. There’s also no risk of a roof collapsing into the interior of the property because of a seismic event either.

If you live in a natural disaster-prone area making small changes, such as adding steel into your home’s structure, could be really beneficial. When considering such changes, you’re going to need a manufacturer that can understand your needs. There are a few that will be able to provide you with durable metal and customization. Armstrong Steel produces some of the strongest, most durable metal buildings and has experience completing numerous projects both large and small, built to the exacting needs of their customers.

Customizable Interior

Changing the interior space by adding steel walls to create separate areas, offices, and staff quarters is easy to do with a steel structure. Depending on whether the building is being used as stables, to house a collection of luxury vehicles, as a storage facility, or for warehousing, the interior floor plan will be entirely different for each use. Due to the way steel building parts are manufactured, building out different offices and sectioned off areas is not a problem. Making changes later also doesn’t require major structural changes either.

Suitability for Residential, Garage, Storage, Farming & Warehousing Use

The beautiful thing about steel structures is that they can be put to many different uses. A self-storage building can be configured with numerous lockers and areas distinct from each other. For farmers, the ability to walk horses and guide livestock inside the open structure of a metal building is often easier than using an old brick building that they cannot expand when they need to. Metal buildings make ideal warehouses because you have as much interior space as you can get, they often operate on two levels, and you can create areas of activity to work more efficiently.

Buildings Require Minimal Maintenance & Aren’t Easily Damaged

It’s unlikely that steel will rust and these buildings require minimal maintenance or upkeep. Accidents in the workplace will happen, but steel walls don’t come crumbling down like a brick wall does and are easy to repair when damaged slightly. Repairing a brick wall that falls down is another matter entirely.

The benefits of steel buildings are numerous, but include the ability to expand by adding to the existing structure when more space is required; try doing that easily with a brick-built structure. With this number of benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more people are considering metal structures now.