TG Daily overrun by rabid Microsoft fanbois

It seems as if TG Daily has been overrun by hordes of rabid Microsoft fanbois who are seething over a recent Windows Phone 7 article.

Now, we at TG are rather flattered that the humble post managed to garner over 100 angry comments in less than 24 hours.

But we are also shocked at the sudden reappearance of the Microsoft fanboi, whom the industry has long classified as a dying, if not extinct species.

Still, you have to give the Redmond worshippers credit. 

Obviously, it isn’t easy defending a mercenary corporation whose primary claim to fame is a malware ridden, sub-par OS known as Windows.

Of course, it must be even harder to get pumped up about an uber-lame mobile operating system that is clearly destined to lag far behind Android, iOS, BlackBerry and even webOS.

So, in the spirit of brevity, we salute the Microsoft fanbois and all they stand for: clueless corporate greed, blue screens of death, misplaced loyalties, shoddy coding, a failed mobile track record and a really, really bad case of iOS envy.