Teufel retro clock wakes you up to iPod alarums

German loudspeaker company Teufel said it has introduced a combined portable radio, alarm clock and iPod docking station.

The unit contains AM/FM radio, high fidelity sound quality and what the company calls a simple interface. Oh, it’s called the iTeufel. Of course. Lucky Intel never managed to trademark the letter ‘i’, eh?

The iPod charges while it’s docked while the alarm can be set with a tone or a station chosen by you. It also includes a remote control so that if you wake up with a stinking hangover and decide to spend an extra hour in bed, you can do so without moving an inch from your sweaty pit.

The radio has a 12 year warranty on the loudspeakers and a two year warranty on other components and will set you back about $200 if you order direct from www.teufel.eu.