Wondershare Filmora: The best Video editing software with latest technology

Wondershare Filmora is an elegant video editing software geared towards the novice, beginner and casual users. Anyone can learn to use this software, no matter what their skill level is, and the end results sound and look fantastic. It has everything which you need to make high-quality videos, but leave out with some of the advanced features at the time of looking in this category.

We will also teach you some hacks and tricks on how to edit videos that can be used for commercial purpose by using WonderShare Filmora Video Editor.

Overview about the Filmora Video Editor

At the time of launching this program, Filmora gives you the two main options which include the Full feature mode and Easy mode. The former is a great way to get the finished video in just a few minutes. All you have to do is to import the clips which you want in your video and select a pre-programmed theme and the music for your project. Filmora then even analyzes your clips and creates a video automatically. Granted, you don’t even have a lot of control in this mode, but it is great for the projects that you can make in the minutes.

Features of the Filmora Video Editor

Full feature mode gives you with the complete control over the video project. You can even edit your project on a storyboard or timeline. You have a total of eight editing tracks to work with on your complete timeline, and only a single video track. This is much more adequate for the basic projects, and it even makes the video creation manageable for the average user as well. Moreover, if you are looking to make a much more complicated project, then you may even have to run into some of the roadblocks since the more complex video which even requires more of the editing blocks.

One of the advanced and most used features that Filmora offers is its action cam module. This tool focuses on the high-resolution footage which is captured by the camera such as the GoPro. This is even great because it even gives you the ability to import, export, and edit the beautiful, high definition and fast moving these cameras produce. Only one other program on our lineup has action cam tools such as this.

Benefits of the Filmora Video Editor

Anyone should be able to learn to use the Wondershare Filmora video editor. Its interface and workflow are among the easiest way to grasp of all the video editing programs. All the tools and features, just like the adding text and transitions, exporting and applying the filters are available from the main window of the interface. You can even learn to navigate Filmora in just a few minutes, whereas the other programs can take hours.

When you are simply done in creating your project in the FIlmora, then you have the dozen number of options to get it out into the world. When you export, you can even create a simple video file and simply even optimize it for the playback on the specific devices like the tablets, smartphones and gaming system as well. You also have the option to upload your project directly to the video sharing sites like the Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, which is also a great time saver for the regular posting your video to the social media channels. It also even provides the options to burn your project to a DVD.

This is a software which is geared towards the casual user, it lacks several of the tools we look for them in the best video editing software. For example, you cannot create closed captions for the hearing impaired, edit and import the 360-degree video, configure your audio or track the moving objects for the surround sound. On the other hand, you can even create DVDs with the help of this software, and you cannot add a menu to your disc.

The text editing tool of this software enables and helps the users to edit the texts such as making them the italicizing, bold and changing their font size and style. Users are also provided with some of the present text customization, but they could also apply their own sort of customization if they want to such as deactivating or activating the color fill option and adding a shadow or border. The feature is very essential, especially at the time of adding the credits to a video and it is one of the features of the software that makes video editing much more efficient.

Filmora is also known by its Power Tool. With the help of this tool, users will be able to change some aspects of the video such as the capability to apply the tilt shift they would like to much more focus on one portion of the video and blur the other parts as well. The Mosaic option of the software, on the other hand enables the user blur specific parts of a video and adjust the percentage which results to the increase or decrease of the square seen on the part where the blurring is applied.


If you are just starting out with the video editing, or just want a simple and easy program that works then this Wondershare Filmora might be what you are looking for. It also has the essential tools and anyone can easily learn to use it.

Moreover, if you want some of the more advanced tools for the complex projects, then you should look at the premium video editing feature of Filmora that are much more designed for the experienced editors.