Top 5 Innovation in I.T serviced in US

We cannot deny the fact this year we have seen quite a lot of revolution in the field of mobile technology. There are so many new techs that are appearing nowadays on smartphones, and each of the technology is freaking us out. And in this article, we will have a look at some of the top technologies that we have seen this year.

Mobile technologies have transformed everything around us. In other words, it has revolutionized how we used to live, work, learn, travel, shop, and entertain ourselves.

According to a report, Mobile technology is the fastest adopted technology around the world including US.

The mobile revolution in U.S. has been phenomenal in the last several years.

The reports are saying that consumers in the US are deriving enormous value from mobile. And the leading six countries in connecting and empowering consumers are U.S., Germany, South Korea, Brazil, China, and India.

U.S. is the leading country in revolutionizing the mobile experience for the customers. Because 95% of the 3G and 4G consumers are asking for more.

Mobile Consumers want even faster speed, more coverage, more battery life, and many more improvements. If you’re living in Miami and looking for some help then we would recommend you to hire the best IT Solutions Miami.

And because the U.S. is focused in the growth of mobile sector. The consumers of mobile in the U.S. are the most satisfied consumers compared to the other countries.

That’s just because of the mobile revolution which is taking place in the U.S.

As U.S. has dramatically improved the performance in mobile communications standard, mobile has become the fastest adopted technology in the U.S.

We will now look into different reasons behind the revolution in Mobile Technology.

Reasons of Mobile Revolution in the U.S.

Smartphone’s are now available at the lowest costs of all time. You can now get a Smartphone at $40. And this has only been possible due to the mobile revolution taking place in U.S. and the other parts of the world.

The infrastructure costs of the Mobile network have fallen tremendously. While the performance of the mobile networks have increased tremendously too. And that has led to reduce the cost for the internet browsing.

And because the cost has of operating internet has reduced more and more people have started using the mobile. And this has also contributed to the growth of mobile revolution in U.S.

The price for browsing the internet is reduced but the data transmission speeds have tremendously increased. And that’s why people have started browsing more. Which is leading more and more people to use mobile for browsing the internet?

The other reason which has led to mobile revolution in U.S. is the advancement in the mobile applications. Today, there is no such task which you cant do from your mobile device.

Let it be trading, editing, filming, and excel sheets creating. You can do everything on your mobile. Because the processors of mobile are now capable enough to carry out these tasks.

And that’s one another reason why people have started using mobile more. Because while traveling they can complete their work too.

So many great mobile applications have been developed which is helping people in their day to day life. For e.g. people can order food, watch movies, browse social media, and can even shop grocery from their mobile phone.

So lets just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Mobile Technology and It’s Revolution in The U.S

In-screen fingerprint scanner:

For a long time, it was just a dream for us to see in-screen fingerprint scanner. There are quite a lot of smartphone manufacturers did their level best to make the in-screen fingerprint scanner work. However finally this year we finally got to see the in-screen fingerprint scanner. However, this technology is not too advanced as of now. But of course, it has opened the gate of lots of possibilities. And as time will pass we will get to see quite a lot of technologies related to this small thing.

Foldable Smartphone:

The foldable smartphone is also something that was a dream for quite a lot of us. Companies like Samsung has been testing their foldable smartphone for a quite long time now. But finally, this technology is no more an alien technology. It has arrived, and the thanks go to Samsung. They have recently shown a prototype of foldable smartphone which will go on sale from 2019. With this, we can assume that in future we will get to see more compact devices which will definitely enhance our user experience.


5G is also something that we are hearing from the last couple of years. And finally, it is going to appear in 2019. There was so many mobile, and telecom industries have tested 5G technology throughout 2018. And it is said that the technology will be finally available for the public from 2019. Even there are so many smartphone makers who already started manufacturing 5G enabled phones.

Final Words:

So these are some of the Mobile Technologies that we have seen this year. In the end, all we would say that the future is filled with lots of technologies that will change the mobile industry completely. Just a couple of years and we will be left with amazing technologies.

Mobile revolution in the U.S. has been phenomenal. And it is said that it is just the beginning of the mobile revolution in the U.S. there’s more to come in the future.

If it is true then it will be a treat to see, what U.S. has offer more to the Mobile Technology.