Everything You Need to Know about Figgers F2 Smart Phone (Upcoming smart phone)

After a successful rollout out of Figgers F1, which was launched four years ago, its founder will be releasing Figgers F2 in the next few days. Figgers F2 is actually a better design of Figgers F1. The one thing that makes the Figgers communications to stand out is that it manufactures its own phones and at the same time it offers all the needed services. The Figgers F2 is a waterproof and shatterproof phone which is really handy for individuals in different environments.

Is the Figgers F2 the right phone for you? This is what you should know about this phone:


Figgers F2 is designed with young in mind. It is arguably a phone for the selfie addicts. This phone has a premium design that was started with the Figgers F1. Its sleek design is really easy on hands and has a great grip hence it cannot slip from your hands easily.

The Figgers F2 SCREEN

The Figgers F2 has a 5.7-inch (18:9) JDI full lamination screen appears to be thinner, brighter and offers stunning visual effect. Silky technology innovation brings super fast screen response speed. One nit brightness makes zero night are time glare and blue light filter technology easy on your eyes.


The Figgers F2 has 4G LTE internet connectivity thus whether you use your phone for business or entertainment; you can be assured of fast speed. You can never miss any moment with this Figgers F2. Imagine capturing super quality images and you get to post them online instantly. What more would anyone ask for? In addition to the fast connectivity, it has a high resolution that gives the user an outstanding experience with no down moment.

Long Battery Life.

Long battery life comes from the power-saving combination of the Super AMOLED display and the HelioP25. The F2 comes with 5V2A quick charge technology, meaning you can get 80% battery after just 12 minutes charging.


The Figgers F2 design has put security in check thus you do not have to worry about your privacy. It has three security options. That is, use of a pattern, a password/pin, and/or a touch ID.


The F2 has dual camera technology with 13.0-megapixel capacity so you get high-quality photos with a camera that creates a sense of depth to your photos. The camera comes equipped with an ISOCELL sensor to allow you to capture more light, and create clear, sharp images.

Amazing Captures

The F2 has dual camera technology with 13.0-megapixel capacity so you get high-quality photos. It also has a 5.0MP assistant camera can create a sense of depth to your photos. ISOCELL sensor is applied to capture more light and create clear, sharp DSLR level images.

The Figgers F2’s camera is designed for the young minds and any person who is interested in taking a selfie. You can never go wrong with this phone.

In addition to the above amazing specs, its storage, just like Figgers F1 can be expanded up to 128 GB storage. It is scheduled to be released in black or white with gold trim with a sleek and modern and durable glass casing.