Lanmodo Vast 1080P Night Vision System: The Latest Technology for Night Driving Safety

The truth which most people do not know about traffic fatality is that its rate is about three times at night compared to day time. In the United States of America, over forty thousand Americans died annually due to a car accident and about forty percent of the death is caused by night driving. This is notwithstanding the fact that the traffic on American road has reduced by 60 percent.

Although the poor state of the road, weather, and several other hazards constitute to increase the danger associated with driving, night driving is what drivers experience more often. In the night with poor visibility, a most familiar road can even look strange. This can make it difficult to see pedestrians, other cars and deer crossing the road.

Driving safely at night has always been a topic of concern for everyone, no matter whether you drive or not, there should be someone you care that need to drive. There are many teams and companies are working on technology products and systems to improve safety at night and reduce accidents. Here are the evolution of the night driving safety solutions:

The Lane Departure Warning

According to road safety tips, drivers are advised to stick to one lane while driving and avoid jumping from one lane to another. To help drivers maintain their lane, a technologically improved lane departure system is made to warn drivers when they want to jump to another lane. This system has advanced to not just issuing a warning to drivers but also corrective braking and steering. The downside with this is that it may not prevent a car from colliding with pedestrians or animal that jump into your lane.

Built-In Black and White Night Vision System

Several high-end cars are manufactured this day with a built-in night vision system. This system is included in the car to help protect users from a car accident caused by night vision or driving at night. It is found by default in the new models of Audi, BMW, Toyota Landcruiser, and many other luxury jeeps and cars. This built-in night vision systems though great, yet not excellent in its functions. It is made in black and white (monochrome) color so only produce images in black and white which does not give a clear picture of the roads, pedestrians, animals and other objects at night.

Lanmodo Vast 1080P Full Color Image Night Vision System

Lanmodo vast 1080p night vision system is made with an active infrared with 1080P resolution. The full-color image of this system helps in reflecting the real situation and the whopping 1080P full high definition resolution image offers a better visual effect. The 8.2” IPS screen size is friendly to the eyes.

Also, Lanmodo vast night vision system offers 36° night vision-wide angle with a broad view distance of about 300 meters or 984 feet. Drivers will easily know the situation of a road ahead of time with the 300 meters night view distance of this device.

More so, there are various features associated with the Lanmodo vast night vision camera. With the help of this system, you can experience smooth driving even in the foggy weather. You will not need to worry about blurred vision when you make use of this system while driving on rainy days.

In addition to the features and advantages mentioned above, the night vision system is also made with a 24V to 12V Voltage converter.

This system is made not only for 24V vehicles but also suitable for large passenger cars and trucks. It is also made with good protection against overvoltage, overload, and short circuit. Also, you should know that this system is built with safety standard compliance. It also has stable current, high electric strength as well as long service life.

My Testing Experience with Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System

Upon receiving Lanmodo vast night vision system, the first impressive thing I discovered was the perfect and secured packaging. It is perfectly packaged to ensure its safety while on transit. The quality standard of the device is made evident in the packaging. I was also very much impressed with a screwdriver that comes alongside the device, which made its installation in a car a breeze.

The convenient and comfortable use of this system is among the factors that made it the best among others. Its design is done with great attention to details. So, the product is made with absolute care and satisfaction of users considered. The camera of this system offers HD quality image in 1080P resolution. This made driving at night a lot impressive and clear to all car users.

I was quite overwhelmed with the design of Lanmodo Night Vision System, it is perfectly made, easy to use and does everything the company put in their advertisement. Also, I recommend the system to all car owners that want high-resolution night vision system with 1080P HD camera image quality.

Lanmodo’s R&D team are continuously developing creative and innovative products, they are going to launch an upgrade version called Lanmodo vast pro all-in-one 1080P night vision system on Indiegogo. They will offer a massive 67% off retail for early bird backers, but based on previous campaigns these limited offers sell-out fast. So you can sign up to get the earliest information.