5 ways in which small business can utilize technology

As 2019 lazily crawls upon us, the tech world is moving at a lightning pace beyond the comprehension of many. However, this advent also opens up the possibility of a whole world for the business owners, especially those who run SMBs. In most of the cases, correctly using technology can provide much more versatility and efficiency compared to the existing business processes.

However, what is important is figuring out the correct uses. The number of avenues to look into can be exhaustive, and not all may fit into your current or possibly even future needs. That being said, we decided to compile a list of the most commonly used technology aspects that can be applied in most cases. And here, we would like to thank Action Furnace for helping us out in terms of their own used case as an example upon which we were able to build up our write-up.

Improve your productivity by using online tools

You should ideally use one or multiple online tools to increase work productivity. Time tracking software is an excellent tool for mapping out where time is spent, by whom. Such analysis when properly utilized is great for accountability, process improvement, and productivity. Also, project management and task management tools to stay on top of your daily business responsibilities.

Focus on improving your invoicing method

Use an online invoicing service to reduce the costs of collecting payment from customers and online budget tracking to keep on top of, as well, reducing your expenses. This will allow you to get the invoices cleared in a hassle-free manner, and allow you to file taxes more efficiently as well. You can also share the digital files with your bookkeeper or accountant to improve your ongoing bookkeeping processes and be completely free from this end.

Customer Relationship Management for your clientele

It has been clear for quite some time now that small and medium-sized businesses understood the importance of CRM for interacting with clients but haven’t found the one, they liked, or they are too busy to invest in one as of now. However, we think it is imperative that you find out the time to recognize a CRM software, as this only leads to a better comfort level with the business owners.

Make security a huge priority for your business

Protect your wireless networks with a secure password. Require that employees regularly change their passwords and that mobile devices have security modes enabled. Ensure that each one has the latest anti-virus and malware programs installed. Any of the major providers from MacAfee to Bitdefender will do the job. Tirena Dingeldein, the Senior Analyst and Content Manager at Capterra, mentioned that small businesses without protections can even be fined is some circumstances as she saw that happening to certain businesses that she was in contact with.

Use Social Media channels, especially the local groups

Basically, social media has increasingly become a very important tool in recent times. More so, in the small business and internet sector where it has provided effective and efficient ways to fulfill and accomplish things such as the expansion of techniques, increasing the target audience and providing opportunities in matters relating to income, profits, and even growth. The good thing is that it’s very easy to get started and use it as a marketing tool. You should take the time to share high-value information with your followers related to your business, as this helps build trust and position you as an expert in your field.