3 Best Mac Hard Disk Recovery Program to Use

There are two ways to do a Mac hard disk recovery: you can take the hard route by repairing your disk using Disk Utility, or you can take the easy route by installing the best Mac data recovery software there ever was.

Still, some people prefer it when they have an option in deciding which program they wanted to use. For those who prefer to have a whole lot of options when it comes to choosing a program, this article is created just for you. Below are the three best Mac hard drive recovery programs that you can certainly use when you found yourself wanting to do a data recovery for Mac.

The first program is EaseUS

The first software that you can try is EaseUS. This program right here is perfect for those with almost little to no money in their money because they offer a nice free trial that can recover at most 2 gigabytes of data. Now that might not sound that much, but if you compare it to other recovery programs, 2 GB s a whole lot of data. 2 GB is definitely enough if you want to probe around the data that you have lost. It is also a good way of trying to determine whether or not you would need the full version.

The complete version, the version that would allow you to recover data from Mac hard drive thoroughly, is priced at US$ 90. A high price to pay, but if you paid the price, you would get a lot of benefits. Not only it can recover data that is accidentally deleted, it can also recover data from a partition that is already deleted. This would mean that if you accidentally deleted the whole partition, you can easily recover data using EaseUS. You can also create a portable data recovery tool with EaseUS (by way of USB sticks), so you should not have too many problems when the Mac is refusing to boot.

Minitool is the second tool

Minitool is smaller, more constricting in terms of free trial, and definitely cheaper than EaseUS. It is smaller because it does not contain a whole lot of features in it (as opposed to EaseUS), it is more constricting with its free trial because it only allows you to recover a maximum of 1MB of data before you pay for the full version, and it is cheaper because it would only cost you like US$ 80 or so.

The margin between the cost might not be that big, and EaseUS seems to have an edge in this competition, but Minitool got a handy feature called Lost Partition Recovery, which is a feature that will scan any partition in your drive, be it the current partition or the partition that you have already deleted. It also supports Windows, so if you got two operating systems going on and both of them played hard, you can easily use Minitool to handle the two systems.

The catch is simple: its merits are not that much when you put it side by side with other recovery programs. You can make Minitool portable, but making it portable is not as easy as you would do in EaseUS or other recovery programs available to choose. You would need another utility tool to complement Minitool to make it portable. This, of course, makes it the most inefficient from the three programs that can do a data recovery for Mac.

Stellar is possibly the most compatible program to recover files from Mac hard drive

Lastly, there is a program called Stellar that is often hailed as one of the best recovery programs for computers running Mac OS. The reason why Stellar is good is because it can work in conjunction with one of Mac’s feature, which is Time Machine. Stellar can look through the images within Time Machine and ‘apply’ that image onto your Mac. It can also scan drives that are not accessible and also scan corrupted drives, which is exactly what you would need if you cannot access a particular hard drive.

However, the free trial of this Mac data recovery software would not allow you to recover any data at all. It will allow you to see what data you can recover with it, but you would need to pay at least US$ 100 if you want Stellar to recover data for you. The price might be the only thing that prevents people from saying that this is the best Mac data recovery software ever.

In the end…

The three Mac data recovery programs listed above are the programs that will not burn too much money off your pocket and are the easiest programs to use when it comes to recovering lost files. All of them got their own benefits and cons, and it is up to you to balance them all. There is only one thing that is undeniable: you could not go wrong with these three options.