3 Best Ethernet Cables to Buy in 2019

In every part of the world, access to the internet can be done through wired networks or wireless network. For the wireless network, all you need is a router with a high-speed network and has the ability to connect to devices without having to physically connect wires to the router. As for the wired network, it is done through the use of Ethernet cables. These cables are used to connect various devices on the local area network (LANs). These include routers, PCs as well as switches.

As different cables get into the market, it is important to do your research on the best cables so that you are able to get the most outstanding experience. Ensure that you know the difference between the various types of cables available in the market. Mr-Tronic.com offers the top-notch Ethernet cables and here are some of the types and features of these cables.

Cable for Laptop

1. Cat6 patch cords.

These are manufactured and tested to conform to all the necessary standards for Cat6 communications. Each lead is made with high-quality Cat6 plugs, highly flexible PVC sheath and stranded copper conductors. Between the cable and plug is a boot to provide strain relief and protection to the cable. The low profile design of the boot means it is ideal for use in high-density installations.


· Guaranteed performance to 250MHz

· The particular saw-tooth design of jacket towards the inner can enhance the resistance of alien crosstalk

· The unique design of the PE cross reduces the NEXT and RL and provides better transmission.

· Superior cable flexibility from stranded cores

· Boot maintains correct bend radius to ensure maximum performance

· Connector? 8P8C, RJ45, 50-inch gold plating

· Flame Retardancy is verified according to IEC 60332-1-2.

· RoHS compliant.

2. Cat5e Patch Cords

The Cat5e patch cords are designed and individually tested for connecting the network equipment to a patch panel and network user outlet. They are warranted for cat5e TIA/EIA-568-B-2.1 June 2002 Channel test on a Permanent Link certified for transmission frequencies of up to 100 MHz


· Light identification by plastic optical fiber,

· Many lengths 2 feet (0.6 m) up to 16 feet (4.9 m) for patch panel and terminal link,

· Color cable: Black with white marking,

· Color boot: Grey with white marking,

· The movable color clip, 16 colors available,

· Packaging: boxes of 12 pieces, depending on the length,

· Available in cross patch cord,

· Marking on the boot: length and P/N,

· Unique serial number marking on the cable,

· Individually tested: each patch cord is individually tested,

· Electrical performance tests performed on a sampling basis (1000 Base T Warranty) (Return Loss, Attenuation, NEXT, etc…)

3. Ethernet Bulk cables

These bulk cables come with Optical Fiber Identification. Available in 6 lengths from 0.6 m to 4.9 m. Conforms to EIA/TIA 568-B2.2-1 category 6 and comes with a 25-year guarantee for use in category 6 channels inter-operable with any cabling system.


· Black sheath

· Grey boot to distinguish it from black booted category 5e patch cords

· Part number and length printed on the boot

· Compatible with color-coded Patch Clips for the first level of identification

Quality Control

· 100% testing of electrical and optical properties

· Test results saved onto a database

· Each patch cord identified by a unique serial number

· Plastic cross web unshielded (UTP) and individually foil shielded pairs (FTP)

· PVC sheath for UTP cables and zero halogens (LSOH) sheath for FTP cables