T-Mobile iPhone rumors grow teeth

Newly leaked photos show a white iPhone running on T-Mobile 3G service.

So now that Verizon’s version of the iPhone is out, it is certainly time for the rumors to start growing with other carriers. It’s not surprising that T-Mobile would emerge as the likely next provider, since it had been the source of much speculation last year as the AT&T exclusivity contract was nearing its expiration.

Boy Genius Report published unofficial photos over Easter weekend that show a white iPhone 4 with the words “T-Mobile USA 3G” in the upper-left status bar.

There are some slight differences to the AT&T and Verizon versions of the phone, namely the proximity sensor has been tweaked to be a bit more accurate, and the iOS software it seems to be running is reportedly a new version that will be coming to other devices in an impending update.

The phone has a sticker with the model name “N94 PROTO3.” The Verizon iPhone used to carry the tag “N92.”

This alleged T-Mobile iPhone also shows the phrase “Confidential and Proprietary. If found please contact” – with the contact number mostly obscured.

For some, the bigger deal may be that the leaked pictures are of a white iPhone. Apple has said the albino iPhone 4 is coming to Verzion and AT&T in the very near future.

Sprint, meanwhile, has not received virtually any iPhone buzz. It operates the same kind of network as Verizon, so it shouldn’t be too difficult from a technological standpoint. However, the carrier’s championed low-cost data plans may be pushing the iPhone out of its reach.