T-Mobile announces another Android phone

Bellevue, Washington – You wait ages for a new smartphone, and then half a dozen come all at once. Now, T-Mobile is announcing its next Google Android device, to be known as the myTouch.

The myTouch is thinner than T-Mobile’s earlier offering, the G1, and features a 3.2-inch HGVA touchscreen with a 320×480 resolution and a 3.2 megapixel camera. Unlike the G1, it has no keyboard. A virtual keyboard orients automatically from portrait to landscape mode in most applications via the phone’s built-in accelerometer.

It has network support for 3G and Wifi. It comes with 512MB of internal memory – twice that of the G1 – and a 4GB microSD card. It can record video, which can then be uploaded to YouTube from the camera app.

The company is pushing the personalization abilities of the phone. Users can customise the device with a 5,000-strong range of Android applications, as well as the ability to add widgets, music, a calendar, photos and weblink shortcuts.

One exclusive application, Sherpa, provides information about nearby banks, restaurants, bars and the like, and automatically learns the user’s preferences.

Like the G1, the myTouch is being made by Taiwan’s HTC. T-Mobile will sell the device for $199 with a two-year service contract. Existing customers can order it in early July, with everyone else having to wait until August.

T-Mobile was the first to introduce an Android device, the G1, late last year, and claims it has sold over a million units – although this leaves it well behind the BlackBerry and iPhone in terms of sales. The myTouch will face some stiff competition.