T-Mobile ad mocks Verizon-AT&T iPhone battle

T-Mobile is breathing some common sense into all the frenzy that’s happening with the Verizon iPhone announcement, by launching a new ad that says the iPhone isn’t really worth it on either network.

The ad is reminiscent of the legendary “I’m a Mac” commercials from a few years ago. Instead of a PC and a Mac, there are two actors representing the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G and the iPhone 4.

Then there are two nearly-identical characters portraying Verizon and AT&T.

“How do you tell them apart? Does one of them have nationwide 4G like me?” asks the MyTouch 4G. “Nope, I’m pretty much slow with either one,” replies the iPhone 4.

The ad then goes to tout T-Mobile’s entry-level $10/month data plan, and its claim to have America’s largest 4G network.

It’s a smart commercial that downplays the importance of the iPhone altogether, and instead emphasizes how 4G is really what matters these days. Indeed, neither the AT&T or Verizon iPhones have 4G capabilities.

And when it comes to the 4G race, Sprint has the biggest reputation right now but T-Mobile is working day and night, hoping its theoretically faster next-gen network can bump it up from the fourth-place market share slot.

The new iPhone mocking ad is expected to start playing on TV next week, but T-Mobile has already uploaded it to its official Youtube channel. Here it is: