SyFy Channel blocks Google TV

The SyFy Channel seems determined to snub geeks, nerds and technophiles by blocking access to its programming on Google TV-powered devices.

So, forget about watching the latest episode of Stargate Universe or Caprica (now re-runs) on your Logitech Revue – you’ll just have to navigate elsewhere for your daily Sci-Fi fix.  

As GigaOm’s Janko Roettgers notes, the move isn’t entirely surprising, because SyFy is owned by NBC Universal, which has banned Google TV systems from accessing content ever since its October debut.

Of course, NBC isn’t exactly alone in boycotting Google’s latest connected venture.

No, Google TV users have also been prevented from streaming video content on Hulu, ABC and CBS.

“[Yes], some were able to regain access by using various workarounds, but sites like Hulu have been quick to close any loopholes,” wrote Roettgers.

“However, cable networks have so far been more open to Google TV than the broadcasters. We found that content from most cable channels is still available on the device.”