Swype wants to be on your iPhone

Swype software allows Android smartphone users to simply drag their fingers from letter to letter instead of tapping on each one. But will Swype’s technology find its way to Apple’s iPhone?

Well, Swype CEO Mike McSherry is cautiously optimistic.

Indeed, the CEO told Reuters that a company engineer recently coded an iPhone-friendly version of the platform during his “free time.”

“We hope one day to license Swype to Apple,” said McSherry. “We would like to be on iPhone. It remains to be seen.”

However, McSherry conceded that he had yet to show Apple the engineer’s iPhone port.

Nevertheless, Swype is prominently featured on a number of popular Android-powered smartphones, including Motorola’s hotly anticipated Droid X.

Since its official phone launch in December, Swype has been added to approximately 10 phones models and is expected to be loaded onto 50 devices by the end of 2010.