Switch To A VPS For Tighter Security

Typically, a budding enterprise will switch to a Virtual Private Server (or VPS) when it begins to outgrow shared hosting. Common signs include when their website begins to experience delays or downtime, or if their provider is warning them that they’re using up too many resources. While it is important to notice these hints sooner rather than later, there are other benefits of signing up for a VPS by choice rather than out of necessity – regardless of your rate of expansion.

A primary benefit to running your website through a VPS is security. This is especially the case if you are running an e-commerce site, have an online shop as a part of your site, require security for a top-secret product launch, or if clients are often exchanging their confidential information with you using your server. Phishing attacks can be sophisticated and can target an entire client base by hacking into a shared server and stealing information, with emails being the most popular. Attackers may send spam, viruses, or try to scam your clients using psychologically manipulative tactics. What’s more is that scammers are appearing more and more legitimate with each passing trick. To the unassuming user, who doesn’t search closely for the signs, these unlawful activities can pose a serious threat.

It’s important for businesses who deal regularly with customers online to be diligent and careful, to consider the filters and solutions available to help protect users. For a small business, switching to a Virtual Private Server is the first step. It won’t be completely designated for your company’s use alone, but there will be more eyes watching fewer websites and they’ll be able to spot suspicious activities faster. The area you’ll occupy is yours alone, like an online private office, as opposed to a shared one – if a security breech affects the website next to yours, the damages will not spill over the way they might on a communal server or in a communal space. It’s also more difficult for hackers to access, to compare it is easier for a robber to step onto a public bus, than into the designated taxi cab you’re taking to work.

Furthermore, VPSes are no longer as expensive as they used to be. Even the most basic packages include Let’s Encrypt SSL, private name servers, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With HostPapa a leader in Canadian webhosting, they also manage security audits, network issues, software updates and firewall installation for all their VPS customers. Anyone who signs up for their VPS service is also provisioned on blacklist free IPs. Additionally, the company regularly scans their IPs to ensure any that are blacklisted are cleaned and removed.

For a more secure and assuring online experience for both you and for your users, contact HostPapa to see if a Virtual Private Server would be the right solution for your business. It will provide optimal security for all visitors, and keep safe any confidential company information from those who may try to do harm.