SwiftKey accelerates Android typing

TouchType has launched a free beta app dubbed “SwiftKey” that significantly accelerates typing on Android-powered smartphones.

So forget about squinting, pecking and swearing at your virtual keyboard. SwiftKey predicts the next word you want to type – before a key is even pressed. 

“With SwiftKey, your next word is predicted with such incredible accuracy that a third of suggestions are right first time and usually you won’t need to press more than two letters,” explained a company spokesperson.

“SwiftKey uses advanced error correction, meaning grammar and spelling errors are a thing of the past. [So], typing produces text you can rely on, in a fraction of the time it takes on a regular QWERTY keyboard.”

The spokesperson also noted that SwiftKey doesn’t just predict  words, but actually learns as users type and “remembers” how and what they write.  

“As words and sentences are chosen over time, its Fluency engine creates a dynamic understanding of your writing style to boost the accuracy, fluency and speed of prediction.”