Varanasi fails technology sewage test

Even though Rolls Royce cars are being sold in their dozens to Indian billionaires, the lack of science is causing the most sacred city in Hinduism, Varanasi, to become a failed sacred city.

The BBC reports that there is so much sewage flowing into the Ganges that it’s hard for fish to live, and people who bathe themselves in the sacred water could find themselves with some very bad illnesses indeed.

India today has vowed to transform Varanasi – ancient name Kashi – into a place where people can live and work and even get internet access whenever they want.

Manmohan Singh, who is visiting the US now, has vowed to turn the places of sewage into the streams they once were – that will probably cost billions of dollars, but it’s definitely worth doing because all humans need drinking water.

The BBC report is here.

Our report is here, on the Ganges, at Varanasi, where we’re taught patience, amongst other virtues.

Sewage is important, right? The Ganges river dolphin is under threat, just like the human beings. And the fish.