Top 13 reader comments revealed

We love our readers. And our readers obviously love us too. Here are just 13 we’ve had in recent weeks. Please keep them coming. They’re fab!

1. Andrew, your own writing style is a combination of frothing mad and opaque hyperbole. I couldn’t stand more than a couple of paragraphs.

2. What an idiot   Computer illiterate people should not write computer related articles.

3. WOW, it’s amazing how this article is just a copy and paste of the original press release…lasma.html  without any link to it whatsoever! Not only it shows the writer has no clue as to what she’s talking about, but it’s just plan wrong and criminal! At least, give a link and make it clear  [I’d have thought it was obvious, but the whole point of a press release is that it’s information released to the press. They send it to us because they want us to use it. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m really no criminal.  There is a link. Not to the press release – I’m press, you’re not – but to the journal publishing the full research report.  Finally, though, you’re quite right on one thing. I didn’t do any of the research myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own fusion laboratory. Sorry about that. – Emma]

4. [On top 10 IT fruits] It is apparent that TG Daily is far from the great news service that I once frequented. It seems that they are taking revenge on my loyal RSS reader by posting trollop like this. I am truly amazed that someone thought this was a good idea for a news story on a day like today.

5. [On Tyrannosaur, sore throats] Are you sure they are not mentioned in the Bible? There is reference to creatures having ‘tails like cedars’. I believe dinosaurs is a modern term.

6. Why is this posted here?   Seriously, TG? You really felt the need to post this on your site?  I hope you don’t wonder why no one takes you seriously anymore.    Who cares? report abusevote downvote up
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7. I’m convinced you guys write these articles just to get page hits, because the quality of the your writing and “in depth” analysis is simply non-existant. You’re simply stating what everyone already knows – That Apple hardware is more expensive than PC hardware.

And Mac share numbers have not continued to decline. It’s well known that it’s only been increasing. You see, reputable news sites know these things.

After reading this rubbish, I will no longer be coming back to TGD. The quality of your writing and declined massively to the point that makes your site irrelevant. Thanks for making it an easy decision for me.

8. [Apple’s new Macs better be cheaper] What an idiotic article.

9. What planet are you from? Have you even researched Apple’s performance through the down economy? Do you understand product and brand positioning? Did you get paid to write this? Wow.

10. [More bones] this a good one too Jesus put them dinosaur bones in the earth 3000 years ago. How else could they have been put there? Did the Buddha put them in there 500 years before Jesus? Where the heck was Vishnu and Shiva at this time?


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