This Green Baby is an electric scooter

The Taiwanese-based Green Diamond Power has launched its latest electric scooter dubbed the “Green Baby.”

The scooter is more conducive to short, urban trips than a long-journey road motorcycle, but has some nice features nevertheless.

The Green Baby electric scooter is almost six feet long, a little over two feet wide, and just over four feet tall.

The zero-emission vehicle boasts a weight load up to 330 pounds and has a top speed of approximately 37 miles per hour.

The electric scooter has a brushless DC hub-motor that has a rated power of 48 volts / 900 watts. 

The 22 pound, lithium-ion LiFeO4 battery can be charged using a 110 or 220 volt outlet and takes approximately four hours to fully charge.

Green Diamond Power claims the battery is usable up to four years for most drivers, and can power the vehicle for about 40 miles depending on load.

Green Baby is currently available to dealers looking to import the vehicle to the American market, and comes in silver, red, yellow, green, black, or blue models. 

The electric scooter is about on-par with similar models that we’ve recently covered from manufacturers like Fido and Vectrix, but has a more traditional body design.

And no, as far as we know, the model pictured above does not come with the scooter.