Seven ton zero emission electric truck rolls

The Balqon Corporation said it has released a battery powered heavy duty truck for use on short haul missions.

The Mule 150 will be used on short on-highway routes in inner cities, port facilities and airports, Balqon hopes.

The truck comes with a heavy duty electric drive system and lithium ion batteries and can reach 55 miles per hour. It has a range of 150 miles on a single charge when it’s carrying nothing.

CEO Balwinder Samra said: “Electric delivery trucks with a seven ton capacity are new to inner city delivery applications…they show significant potential in improving performance and environmental pollution.”

Balqon will focus on worldwide sales and distribution for its products, said Samra. The company has a range of heavy duty electric vehicles that includes Nautilus drayage vehicles.

The transmission is a six speed automatic type, while the Mule 150 includes LCD display and keypad operator information systems, plug and play self diagnostic electronics, a quick change battery module, a high efficiency AC induction motor, and liquid cooled traction controls. It also includes wireless performance monitoring.