Roman hotel is built from trash

A hotel constructed from rubbish collected from beaches has opened its doors in Rome.

The Corona Save the Beach Hotel was built using 12 tonnes of rubbish, including plastic bottles, cans and even car exhaust pipes collected from the Capocotta beach in Rome.

“Teaming up with environmental artist HA Schult, best known for his extraordinary ‘Trash Men’, we have created a pop-up hotel in the centre of Rome made almost entirely from rubbish collected from beaches across Europe,” says its creators.

The hotel’s first visitor was Danish supermodel Helena Christensen.

“When you’re inside the house, there are walls as there would be in a normal house, but they are all made of inorganic waste,” she told the BBC.

“And so you can basically just go around the house, and look at a lot of very personal objects, and some of them make you really wonder what made a human being throw this away on a beach.”

The hotel is open for five days only, but its creators plan to do the same again next year. You can nominate a beach for clean-up, here.