New technology extracts energy from moving vehicles

Washington D.C. – New Energy Technologies claims to have developed a device that is able to harvest the kinetic energy from moving vehicles and convert it into electricity. One day, the company believes, its MotionPower device could be efficient enough to be powering street lights and roadway signs.

New Energy Technologies said that the energy could be collected by simply driving a vehicle through its “easy-to-install, portable MotionPower devices.” There was no further information how the devices look like, when they will be available or how much they will cost.

The company only mentioned that it is currently enhancing a working prototype to “further optimize the efficiency of the device” for high-traffic locations – such as toll booths, traffic intersections, rest areas, travel plazas, restaurant and bank drive-thrus, border crossings, and neighborhoods with traffic calming zones.

We have no idea how this technology will work and did not get any y other information from the developer. But if it will work, it is safe to assume that it may be able to pick up a lot of wasted energy, especially on busy roads such as I-405 in Los Angeles. Well, at least as long as cars are actually moving.