Maxximus plans $1 million liquid natural gas car

Speciality car manufacturer Maxximus is in the process of building a $1,000,000 super sports car that runs on liquid natural gas (LNG), something we’ve usually seen on fleet vehicles.

You read correctly – $1 million. Dubbed the Prodigy, it builds off the design of the LNG 2000 prototype model and would be the world’s first LNG-powered super car.

The company says that the Prodigy will have an interior that equals that of a Rolls Royce, whatever that means. But from the sketch image seen below, it does seem that the creators are looking to compete with luxury brands like Ferrari or Tesla Motors in terms of style, only with a much higher price tag.

The LNG 2000, seen in the photo below with extremely controversial billionaire backer David Bruce McMahan, was designed by Marlon Kirby of Indianapolis over the course of two years. 

The car is said to produce 1,600 horsepower, getting it from zero to 60 mph in almost two seconds flat. Not stopping there, Kirby says he’s hoping to hit the 300 mph mark with the vehicle, too.

So, who’s buying this $1 million monster of a machine? Well, according to the company [PDF], at least five very wealthy people who, apparently, enjoy speed as much as they do spending money.

* Aaron Colter, EarthTechling