Last month was warmest April on record

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced today that last month was the warmest April on record, giving recently-disgraced global warming experts a new ledge to stand on.

The report found that the combined land and water surface temperature across the entire planet was an average 58.1 degrees. That’s the highest temperature ever recorded for April, dating back to when climate data began to be recorded in 1880.

That also caused the entire year-to-date period to be the warmest January – April temperature on record as well.

The average temperature of the entire 20th century for April was 56.7 degrees, or 1.4 degrees below what last month was.

Russia, China, the Western United States, and parts of South America were colder than normal last month, but much of the rest of the country recorded higher-than-average temperatures.

The news comes as climate change scientists are scrambling to bring the global warming issue back to the forefront. Several parts of the US experienced record snowfall over the past winter, and numerous reports came in that called the legitimacy of some influential global climate change reports into question.

Concern over global warming has declined significantly during the last year, so climate scientists will no doubt be excited about this news. You can expect Al Gore to be citing this in his next TV appearances.