Dune city designed for water wars

Although perhaps better known for its underworld gang wars, a group of students wants to build an underground city in the Nevada desert which can handle water wars.

Sietch Nevada is a concept which is exhibited in Innovative Technologies and Climates at the University of Toronto.

Based on Frank Herbert’s famous 1965 novel Dune, the design assumed that the area will be completely without water. Any water is preciously conserved, rationed with strict authority, and secretly hidden and protected.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has claimed global warming will lead to water shortages and could see the US talking on the world in water wars. In which case this sort of concept makes sense.

According to the design Sietch Nevada assumes that  waterbanking as the fundamental factor in future urban infrastructure in the American Southwest. It makes the storage, use, and collection of water essential to the form and performance of urban life.

Sietch is a dense, underground community. A network of storage canals is covered with undulating residential and commercial structures. These underground storage canals may replace the rivers losing water due to climate change in the Western United States.