"Divine Cow" gives meat eaters a warning

The holiday silly season is upon us with the arrival of a “divine cow” that appears to have been born at a dairy farm in Sterling, Connecticut last week.

According to various reports, the calf’s owner believes the cow, that has an approximate shape of a cross on it forehead, is a message from above.

WFSB reports that a woman in Sterling said that the “dairy industry has needed a miracle for a long time”. She reckons this is a one in a million calf. WFSB has a slideshow of the holy cow.

So will this calf be venerated or turned into veal as soon as it’s ready for the slaughter?

While Hindus venerate the cow, McDonalds and the beef industry venerate the cow in a completely different kind of a way.

According to this 2007 PDF, 14 billion hamburgers are eaten in the United States yearly. And according to this page, India, the home of Hinduism, is the third biggest exporter of beef worldwide holding 10.45 percent of the world market.  That beats the USA.

Holy Cow!