Dead people power the planet

Dead people from Hastings, on the south coast of England will be helping to provide the UK with reusable energy.

For a good hundred years Hastings Borough Council in East Sussex has been cremating people without much thought to their carbon footprint.

Now the local council wants to invest in technology which converts excess heat from cremations something more useful.

New generators, being installed next summer as part of an £800,000 ($1.3 million) refit, will save money in the long run by cutting energy bills.

Hastings Borough Council amenities manager Peter Mead said the recycled power would not come directly from the bodies but from the machines used to cremate them and filter the fumes.

Currently the crematorium burns up about £25,000 ($41,000) worth of gas a year so anything the dead can do to reduce the cost will be greatly appreciated by polar bears.