Copenhagen climate talks in disarray

The Copenhagen climate summit is in chaos today as the African group walked out over Danish moves to throw out discussions on further emission cuts under the Kyoto Protocol. Negotiations at the UN summit have been suspended.

“The president of the COP (Danish climate minister Connie Hedegaard) is absolutely committed to violate any democratic processes,” said G77 chief negotiator Lumumba Di-Aping.

Outside the conference center, hundreds of climate activists chanted: “We stand with Africa – Kyoto targets now.”

Developing countries are demanding that richer nations must commit to emission cuts beyond 2012 agreed under the Kyoto Protocol. But the developed world appears to want a completely new agreement rather than keeping to the limits agreed in Japan in 1997.

Developing countries at the summit have repeatedly claimed that its Danish organisers are ignoring their concerns. More than 110 heads of state are due to arrive on Wednesday for 48 hours of final negotiations. Whether any agreement can be reached remains in the balance.

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